The Lappish service offers high-quality and personalized video greetings directly from Santa Claus. You can order a personalized video greeting from Santa for your family, friends, or organization.

Video greetings that are truly targeted to the recipient and shot in an authentic environment can be ordered for themselves or even as a surprise to a friend. The videos are delivered at the desired time all year round and are produced as genuine digital crafts in Finnish Lapland. The video can be ordered in English or Finnish.

The pandemic has affected business, travel and people’s daily lives in many ways, but its impact is also particularly visible at the most important common moment of the year, Christmas. However, Santa has now decided that Christmas will not be canceled despite the virus, but that the Christmas spirit will be brought to homes around the world, in high-quality digitally handcrafted video.

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Moment With Santa Video Greetings

  • Personalized video greeting just for you
  • Order video in English or Finnish.
  • For all ages from child to granparents
  • Watch the video on online or download it for yourself
  • Authentic Lapland Santa

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the length of the video?

    The length of the video depends on how many family members it is intended for. The length of the video is from 1.30 minutes to approximately 4 minutes.

  • How can a video be personalized?

    When ordering a video, you can specify what you want Santa Claus to specifically mention in the video. You can add individual names and personalized information about them to your order, which will help Santa to build a unique video greeting for every subscriber.

  • How long can the video be viewed and can I download the video to myself?

    The video can be viewed in the subscription system for a year. You can also download the video for yourself or forward the video. The video can also be shared on social media.

  • How quickly can I get a video after order?

    Santa reserves five days to create the video to make sure the personalized video meets his high standards.

  • How do I know you are the real Santa Claus?

    The real Santa Claus lives in the hearts of all of us and is based in Finnish Lapland. Moment with Santa -video greetings actually come from the northside of the Arctic Circle just for you, full of shared moment’s magic.

Special message
just for you?

Would you like to have something extraordinary? You can order one of Santa’s special limited edition greeting videos. The limited edition video will be longer than the standard one, and includes more questions in order to have even more personalized content in it!

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