Surprise a Friend

Get Santa’s video greeting as a surprise gift for a friend.


Get Santa’s video greeting as a surprise gift for a friend

Surprise someone special to you with Santa’s personalized video greeting! Send out Christmas joy in the form of an authentic greeting video for a friend, a family member or perhaps a whole group of your friends. Write down a fun or special memory from your lives or make them feel special by including details of something great they have achieved during the past year, and Santa will create a personalized greeting for them. The greeting can be send directly to your friend or you can pass it forward yourself.

Personalized video greeting from Santa

We promise you a truly personalized Santa’s greeting. You’ll be asked a few questions and Santa will create an authentic video just for you.

Get the video greeting for christmas

We will send you the video when you need it. However, Santa will need a couple of days (5 days) to make the video. After that it will be delivered to you on the day of your choosing.

Authentic experience from Lapland

As we know, Santa’s headquarters are located in the Finnish Lapland. Every video greeting is truly authentic and always coming from the north!

See an example of one Santa's greeting videos

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